powerjet 2
powerjet 2

The mobile handheld laboratory gas burner
powerjet 2 - The solution for all flame
sterilization work in the microbiology or
biotechnical fields.

The burner is lit as soon as the bar is pressed.
The flame can be regulated in size and is extinguished
by release of the bar.

Additionally the bar of the powerjet 2 is equipped with a
locking device. This locking device comprises both short-
and longterm ranges.


- Automatic ignition due to piezo effect

- Gas supply only when bar is pressed

- Safe handling due to one-handed operation

- Stainless steel stand

The powerjet 2 is ideally suited for different types of gas.
The mobile burner can be connected to a central gas supply or can be
operated by the gas cartridges CV360 from Camping Gaz
(Camping Gaz / Coleman Part No.: # 39 352), or Express 444.
Thus the powerjet 2 can be used very versatilely.

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