Flame 110
Flame 110 – the extraordinary
precision- and overhead gas burner
Flaming from any angle!

Are you searching for a solution to heat
or flame any item under any angle - even
upside down? Here’s what you need:
Our new precision burner Flame 110!

The new Flame 110 is ideally suited for
any kind of flaming process be it in a lab
or in industry. Its long precision flame
can heat your dental instruments, can
sterilize your microbiological tools or
flame deburr resp. flame polish your
moulded plastic or rubber parts in any
type of industrial production.
Always safe and perfect!


Simple and safe handling
Simply push the button: Flame will start
or stop instantly! You may also control it
by foot pedal* or external IR motion
sensor*. Safety is built-in and always
active (overheat protection and
automatic re-ignition).

Compact and efficient
Stainless steel, efficient cleaning, small
footprint, exclusive variability and
convincing economics are vital for any
type of lab and industrial workstation.
Flame 110 is offering a perfect
combination of features:

- variable flame from any angle – even upside down

- safety in any operation mode

- operation with liquid gas from cylinders or cartridges (with optional adapters)

- very easy cleaning of removable burner head

- very economic consumption of gas

Precision- and overhead burner Flame 110 laboratory version:
For heating of liquids and sterilizing of instruments.

Precision- and overhead burner Flame 110 industry version:
For flame deburring or flame polishing moulded plastic or rubber parts.

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