gasprofi 1 micro school edition
Gasprofi 1 micro school edition
Switch flame on and off at the touch of a button.

The Bunsen burner is a thing of the past!
Today there is the
gasprofi 1 micro school edition
burner for optimal safety in the chemistry
laboratory. The gasprofi 1 micro school edition
safety burner meets maximum safety standards for
working with flames.

In a chemistry lab in particular,
safety is a crucial factor when
working with a flame. Bunsen burners
were standard equipment in schools for
many years but they were the cause of
many accidents and fires.

Gasprofi 1 micro school edition changes all this!
This safe gas burner for sterilizing, heating and other flame
related applications combines all the functional advantages
needed in modern schools.


Flame monitor for more safety
The flame is re-ignited automatically if it goes out inadvertently.
For exemple, if the flame is extinguished due to over-boiling of
liquids and cannot be re-ignited, the burner automatically shuts
the gas supply off for safety.

Simple and safe operation
Switch flame on and off at the touch of a button – no matches

Energy-saving consumption
The flame burns only as long as it is required. With the DualKnob
for adjusting gas and air flow, the flame can be precisely regulated.

All external components are made of stainless steel for maximum
sterility. If liquids are spilled, they can flow out through a drain.
The burner head can be removed for thorough cleaning.

Flexible use
Gasprofi 1 micro school can be used with natural gas or
propane / butane gas. Special safety adapters are available for
use with different gas cylinders.

Gasprofi 1 micro school edition – your choice for safe
operation by teachers and students

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