Infrared Loop Sterilizer  -  Annealing without Flame!
The electrical sterilization
system SteriMax
with 7 angular adjustments
residual heat display
tray for 3 instruments

- Stainless steel design

- Long-lasting double tube system
- Sterilization period 5-7 seconds

- Self-locking angular adjustment

- Two sizes available

The electrical sterilization system SteriMax
is most suitable for the sterilization of inoculation
loops, needles and instruments. It is ideal for laboratories
and safety cabinets where the use of gases and open flames
is not permitted.


The unique double tube system, which is made of robust quartz glass and
wear-resistant ceramic, reaches its optimal temperature of 900°C (1650°F)
after only a few minutes. To sterilize the inoculation loop, simply insert
it into the ceramic annealing tube. After 5-7 seconds, the inoculation loop
is sterilized*.

A back side spray protector is integrated for more safety when handling
with pathogenic material. Even clogging is not an issue. The ceramic
annealing tube can be removed easily for in-depth cleaning.
A 100% stainless steel design makes the SteriMax resistant to even the
most extreme laboratory conditions.

Flexible and safe
The sterilization tube can lock itself into place, using the specially
designed angular adjusting device. The low and stable housing facilitates
ergonomic operation; the unique design protects the working surface
from contamination.

Exceptional passive safety feature: After prolonged use, the residual
heat display signals a hot surface of the sterilization tube in order
to protect the user from burns.

*tested with inoculation loops, WLD-TEC Art.-No. 6.000.373

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